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Cocktails As Food Partners
Matching food with spirits and cocktails seems like a new concept, but the truth is, it's been around for a long time. William Pokhlebkin in The History of Vodka describes the unique relationship more
Spicy Foods and the Wines that Love Them
Contrary to belief, an ice-cold beer isn’t the only refresher for spicy food. There are wines that work with hot, ethnic chow but when it comes to compatible recommendations, it takes imagination more
Cuisine à la Bière
The Belgians call it "Cuisine à la Bière." Many others simply call it tasty food – with beer, not wine, both in the food and on the table.

“I love to cook with beer,” said Tim Shafer, aka The more

Dessert Wines: Your Hidden Assets
The effort, the stress, the constant worry and second-guessing – it’s hard to believe anyone chooses to take such a gamble with their fruit. Producers who make late-harvest, or dessert wines, risk more
Food & wine formula
It’s fashionable lately to say that wine is food. In the sense that wine’s traditional place is at the table, wine does function as part of a meal but—let’s face it—a meal of wine alone is not more
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