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for Japan, Akita
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Yuki No Bosha Sake Junmai Ginjo Nigori  300ml     
Unlike most nigori, or cloudy sake, which is made  more
Sku: 1432612  
Reg. $17.99
Yuri Masamune Honjozo  720ml     
Produced in Akita by the Saiya Brewery, makers of  more
Sku: 1474557  
Reg. $19.99
Akita Seishu Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai  720ml     
This old-style sake is produced in the original ... more
Sku: 1503035  
Reg. $23.99
On Sale $21.99
Akita Seishu Kariho Namahage Junmai  720ml     
This sake is fermented to its extreme limits in a  more
Sku: 1188112  
Reg. $31.99
On Sale $28.99
Shimizu-No-Mai Sake Pure Dawn  720ml     
This premium sake offers a full flavor profile ... more
Sku: 1590655  
Reg. $31.99
On Sale $28.99
Hideyoshi Sake Honjozo  750ml     
The depth and complexity of this Honjozo express ... more
Sku: 30268
Reg. $28.99
10% discount on 6 bottles for $156.55
Hideyoshi Sake Junmai Ginjo Akinota  720ml     
  Sku: 1503037  
Reg. $34.99
On Sale $31.99
Shimizu-No-Mai Sake Pure Dusk  720ml     
Pure Dusk begins with polishing away all but 45% ... more
Sku: 1590657  
Reg. $37.99
On Sale $34.99
Yuki No Bosha Sake Junmai Ginjo Limited Release  720ml     
This junmai ginjo is a favorite with new and ... more
Sku: 1432604  
Reg. $35.99
Akita Seishu Dewatsuru Hihaku Junmai Daiginjo  720ml     
Highly milled and exceptionally elegant, this ... more
Sku: 1503034  
Reg. $55.99
On Sale $50.99
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